Chef Joanne was prompt, courteous and professional. She brought all her own cookware and left no mess. The food? Well, the dishes were amazing. Japanese goyza—beyond yum. Lemon and Herb Spaghetti Squash with Roasted Shrimp was easy to reheat (if you dare have leftovers). The blend of flavors and textures of the dish is magical, just as Chef Joanne is in the kitchen!  -- Dawn, Allen, Texas

Chef Joanne was prompt, courteous and an all around joy to have in the kitchen!

She is so organized from the moment you hire her.  You begin with likes and don’t likes (including any dietary restrictions or allergies you may have).  From there she gives you a wide variety of meal choices. Which all sounded so delicious that I had a hard time choosing.  Finally, cooking day—yum.

It was great I had 4 delicious meals ready for the coming week without having to lift a pan.

Actual words heard at the kitchen table: ‘Wonderful’, ‘Exceptional’, “The best meal that’s been cooked in this kitchen for years” — J.R., McKinney, TX